Conference Call _Webinar Platform

April 26, 2016

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OMTIMES: New Directives 2016-Conference call

February 12, 2016
  • Editorial Guidelines
  • 2016 New Directives
  • New Guinea Pig
  •  Project- Soundbites
  • Audio magazine
  • OMTalks
  • Radio Network Hosts:

    • Monetizing your Podcast 
    • Radio Sponsorships
    • Alternative Advertisement

Speaking To Grow Your Visibility and Business

June 11, 2015


 Are you ready to begin speaking?

 What do you need to be effective?

 Types of venues?

 How to get them?

o Do you need to improve your presentation skills

o Do you have a speech outlined and drafted

o Have you presented or rehearsed it

o Have you had someone critique it

o Are you clear on what the goal of the speech is?

o Are you making an offer or extending an invitation

o National Speakers Asso

o Well written bio and sell sheet

o A well thought out list of topics and descriptions

o High quality video

o Clarity on where you want to be booked and why

o A list of targets: Regional vs. national, types of venues and events

o Books/Back of them sales (The Square)

o Sample agreement

o Spiritual Venues and Bookstores

o Multispeaker events

o Women’s/ Men’s/Civic/Community Organizations

o Associations

o Universities

o Corporations

o Other

o Aggressive pursuit on your own

o Espeakers and Women’s Speakers Asso

o Conscious and Transformational Speakers

o Luminary Voices


Propelling your PR Presence

May 28, 2015

 Useful  Links (and Radio Media Tour) (Tools for Authors Lists) (this is Engage! the mini webinar)




Mastermind Conference call

February 5, 2015

Following up with the idea of enriching each other's lives, with new skills, 
We have had our first Mastermind Class with Diane Wing .

Here it is the audio recording for your enjoyment.