Speaking To Grow Your Visibility and Business

June 11, 2015


 Are you ready to begin speaking?

 What do you need to be effective?

 Types of venues?

 How to get them?

o Do you need to improve your presentation skills

o Do you have a speech outlined and drafted

o Have you presented or rehearsed it

o Have you had someone critique it

o Are you clear on what the goal of the speech is?

o Are you making an offer or extending an invitation

o National Speakers Asso

o Well written bio and sell sheet

o A well thought out list of topics and descriptions

o High quality video

o Clarity on where you want to be booked and why

o A list of targets: Regional vs. national, types of venues and events

o Books/Back of them sales (The Square)

o Sample agreement

o Spiritual Venues and Bookstores

o Multispeaker events

o Women’s/ Men’s/Civic/Community Organizations

o Associations

o Universities

o Corporations

o Other

o Aggressive pursuit on your own

o Espeakers and Women’s Speakers Asso

o Conscious and Transformational Speakers

o Luminary Voices


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